$247 for replacing Tubular Lock +$1 maintenance scheme

Tubular lock is mainly installed at bedroom door, washroom door and kitchen door. As the usage of those doors is the most frequent at home, so the probability of getting damaged is comparatively high, especially the latch. With proper maintenance and replacing the latch, normally a tubular lock can be used for over 5 years.


$247 for replacing 1 tubular lock and +$1 enjoying maintenance scheme:

  1. replacing tubular lock in 1 for 1 basis for unlimited times within the maintenance period
  2. Free for replacing the latch yearly


  • replacing 1 tubular lock, +$1 enjoying maintenance for 2 years
  • replacing 2 tubular lock, +$2 enjoying maintenance for 4 years
  • replacing 3 tubular lock, +$3 enjoying maintenance for 7 years

Maintenance clause:

  1. Within the maintenance period, free for replacing tubular lock in 1 for 1 basis. The service time is from 09:00-21:00, if need unlocking service caused by damaged lock other than the above time period, we will charge an extra fees for such service.
  2. the tubular lock is only for bedroom door and washroom door and the colour of it is satin nickel. the length of the latch is 60mm, 70mm and 90mm.
  3. Man-made damage and any damage caused by self repairing/ dismantling/ installing are not included in the scheme.