Q1: What is your working procedure after receiving my call?

After receiving your call, we will ask you to send the photos of the lock which needs to be dealt with to us and the address via whatsapp, wechat, e-mail, etc. Then we will give you an advice to deal with the damaged lock together with the quotation and the arrival time of my team. After your confirmation, we will give you asistance as soon as possible.

Q2: If I am not sure whether the lock is damaged or not, would you teach me how to have a simple inspection on it?

Absolutely yes. It is our pleasure to give you our professional opinions to solve your problem just on your own. Of course, we will not charge you any fees.

Q3: Why does my door lock always have problem just after installation of 1-2 years?

Lack of maintenance and improper usage may lead to the damage of the lock. And a lock is composed by many units, any one of it has problem means the lock does too. For a door which the lock is damaged, it is common that you cannot open it even you have a key in hand and someone may be trapped because of this. As a conclude, maintenance is very important.

Q4: Then how to make the door lock more durable?

We advise you yo spray labricant into the lock cyclinder regularly. If it gets rusty, replace it. Moreover, do not close the door vigorously as this may cause the shifting of the door lock.

Q5: If my key breaks off and left into the lock cylinder, can you help?

Yes. We can just replace the lock cylinder but not the whole lock to save your cost. Also, make sure that you turn the key in a correct direction.